Join the collective and put your faith into action – On Screen!

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20

Join the collective and put your faith into action – On Screen! By investing in the Action FAITH Film Fund.

What is the Action FAITH Film Fund? It’s a film fund raised by and for like-minded Christians seeking to create a higher level of spiritual entertainment,  bypassing the outdated Hollywood gate-keeper system and positively impacting the world

By utilizing new equity crowdfunding laws, Action FAITH Media has set a goal to launch the first film fund, completely crowdfunded by One Million Christians serving as its
Collective and its Shareholders.

For information and to be alerted when we launch our regulated equity crowdfunding campaign, email us at today!

AFM’s new project is “A Field of Dreams” set in the world of 1950’s Golf.

We are excited to announce that we have secured the rights our on  “THE MUSTANG MIRACLE” #themustangmiraclemovie — based on the critically acclaimed book by Author Humberto G. Garcia. An inspiring true #GolfStory about being so driven for the love of the game, that you overcome prejudice and break barriers all the way to winning the state championship! And ultimately pave the way for many others to follow! It’s “FIELD OF DREAMS” in the world of GOLF! Watch the film promo video here.




AFM next project THE PASTOR will be EPIC!

We are excited to announce that our next film THE PASTOR will be produced in partnership with Hector Echavarria of Destiny Entertainment and Troy Duhon, the Executive Producer behind the mega Christian hits of God’s Not Dead 1&2.  The cast will include (the writer & co-director  of The Pastor) Hector Echavarria, Taylor Kalupa (I’m Not Ashamed), Cameron McKendry (I’m Not Ashamed), and Christian Pop artist Abigail Duhon.

We’ll keep you posted!

Film Festivals – Love CTFL

CRAVE: THE FAST LIFE will be screening at the following festivals:

  • International Boston Latino Film Festival
  • Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival
  • Kingdomwood Festival in Atlanta
  • Great Lakes Film Festival
  • South Texas International Film Festival
  • Las Vegas International Film Festival
  • San Fransisco International Film Festival

Many more to come!



RIDING FAITH an uplifting and inspirational story about family, faith and never losing hope despite all odds. Production is set to start on February 1st, 2016 and attached to star is John Schneider (DUKES OF HAZARD, SMALLVILLE), T.C. Stalling (WAR ROOM) and Grace Van Dien, (daughter of actor Casper Van Dien). For more information please contact us at