Can You Hear Me?

  • Producers

    Joel M. Gonzales
  • Directors

  • Writers

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  • Actors

    TC Stallings - Attached



Inspired by true events: Not another Rags to Riches story… It’s a Riches to Salvation story.

As a young boy, Dante was captivated by the “gangster” rappers of of the early 90’s- how they stayed adorned in immaculate jewelry and the latest fashions, how heads turned as they drove down the street in their luxury vehicles. He wanted it – all of it, and now, as a young man, and after signing with Big Detroit, a record producer notorious for producing boastful hip-hop music, it seems Dante has achieved his dreams. But something else came along with it – something no one ever told him about. So even with his pockets full of cash and life filled with fame, he can’t seem to find peace in his heart.

CAN YOU HEAR ME is an intimate look into the life and heart of a young up-and-coming hip-hop artist whose world of money, fame and glamor is shaken to the core when he realizes that he has a higher calling in serving God through his music.